'Some beach, somewhere' technique

    • 'Some beach, somewhere' technique


      Have you ever gotten so angry at someone, when they cut you off in a conversation or just woken up one day and its just tears and rain? Somedays, that's what I feel like, but I came up with a small little technique to help.

      I call it the 'Some beach, somewhere' technique. That guy might have just flipped me the bird or got you so angry or someone started rumours about you, but with the 'Some beach, somewhere' technique it can help.

      The 'Some beach, somewhere' technique is where you Sit quietly in a relaxing and comfortable position, close your eyes and relax your muscles, you can even do this standing up, just close your eyes. Breath slowly, repeating your focus word(s) (Some beach, some where) in your mind as you exhale. If everyday thoughts or your problems intrude, let them go and return and continue this for ten to twenty minutes.

      This is a physiological anti-dote to the fight or fight syndrome that relaxation response downshifts all the bodily systems that gear up in a stressful situation.

      Also picture yourself on a beach somewhere, with cold drinks and hot people, where you are free of any stress and the problems in question.

      Try it out, you may never know if it works for you,
      ~ Cat