Was this wrong? In her shoes...

    • Was this wrong? In her shoes...

      Kinda awkward question I guess... But meh, here goes anyway. I'm currently taking my A-Levels, and am at college daily. One of the subjects I do is Media Studies. Theres this girl in my class, who I kind of have a thing for... I also have a foot fetish. (And before you even bother, I don't care about what you think of it, so don't waste your time raging at/insulting me) She has really nice feet.
      Now my course work requires me to record a track using an acoustic guitar, which obviously needs a microphone to record it. So seeing as the recording studio at college is currently being renovated, and everyone else was out filming, the teacher let me record it in his room. This particular lesson he was covering a GCSE class elsewhere, and no-one else was around.
      Now, for her project, this girl had to get changed into a costume. This costume she was wearing ment that she had to wear converse, but seeing as the college don't allow you to where them, she had to come in wearing her normal shoes, and change into the converse when they were filming.
      Everyone, including her, had left their things in the room. After changing, she had left her shoes just sitting there under her chair, where she had slipped out of them when getting changed.
      What with there not being anyone in there I thought that this would be a good time to.. inspect them. So I locked the door (I know where the teacher puts his keys) and went over and picked them up. The shoes are those black leather ballet flats (thats what they're called right?), which she always wears without socks. Because of this, not only where they still warm, but they were also very slightly moist still. I begain to smell/lick the insides and put my fingers right inside them etc. and found myself getting rather excited.
      So in the heat of the moment I got my cock out, and put it in the one of the shoes. This kinda led to me jacking off. Obviously I wasn't thinking straight at the time (or I wouldn't have started doing this -_-), so didn't think about what this could lead to. I ended up cumming in her right shoe. Not having jacked off if a few days (Possibly why I did something so stupid?), I ended up filling the bottom of the shoe near enough, leaving it about 2-3mm full. At that point I kind of panicked, and quickly put them back where I got them from.
      So I quickly packed up and left, and went to help with someone elses project, so I couldn't get landed with the blame.
      Then, when we went back to the room towards the end of the lesson she came in. She didn't notice at first, as the room was dimly lit, and the blinds were all closed. She took the converse off, and slipped her feet back into the shoes. She kind of slipped her toes in first, not noticing anything, and then pushed the rest of her foot flat, to get the shoe on properly. Obviously she then noticed. She kinda stopped suddenly, and slipped her foot half out of the shoe, bending round to look at what it was. She realised after a couple of seconds what had happened and went extremely red. Then she looked around to make sure noone had noticed. Obviously its not the kind of thing that you can just announce to your friends, so she quickly put her foot back in and tried pretended that nothing had happened.
      I actually felt really bad at this point, but in a strange way it was kind of a turn on? :S
      So she walked out of the class, slightly awkwardly.
      Then I felt VERY guilty, as the girls toilets were closed, so there wasn't anywhere she could go to clean it up (Some twats had decided to go and flood practically every toilet in the college O.o)
      So she ended up going around for the rest of the day (about 2 1/2 hours) like that.
      I feel really guilty now, and feel like a complete and utter bastard. Should I own up to it and appologize?
      What should I do?!
    • Hello i recently googled and found this forum because i did the same thing..
      Nothing wrong with what you did..I actually think that was fucking Hot!!I would have done the same thing if I had the chance ...why?because i have done that before and she also wore them for the entire day actually with my cum! what a turn on!!