Long Distance.

    • Long Distance.

      My boyfriend and I have a relationship straight out of the movies! He has a strong religious background and believes in true commitment...you don't find that in too many 17 year old boys these days. But my problem is, that after a year and a half of dating and being with each other he moved to Idaho, and I'm In California. We knew we could keep up long distance since were both close to moving out anyway. But since he's been gone I find myself full of fear, doubt, sadness, anger towards our relationship, because hes out having fun without me. I am not a controlling girlfriend in anyway, and I love my boyfriend to pieces, BUT I am afraid to be waiting around on a relationship that MIGHT not work.
      Every time he tells me he went to a party, the next day I have to party harder. just to feel like I'm living my life too.. and to be honest...I want to make him as jealous as he makes me.

      How do I quit this awful habit? How do can I keep my relationship out of the jealousy cycle?
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      Well you could always talk to him about it and tell how you feel.
      And well I think he wants to keep the relationship up aswell right?, you just need to trust each other and if you both want this relationhip then it will work.
      Even you said you are both close to moving out, well then there might be a chance you will see each other again right?, so be patient for that.

      You just need to trust him at whatever he will do and talk to him about that.
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