These are the 5 Coolest Songs in History of The Fast and the Furious.

    • These are the 5 Coolest Songs in History of The Fast and the Furious.

      United States Without realizing it, the Fast and the Furious franchise has developed into an annual culture of blockbuster film lovers throughout the world.

      Not only about the action of speeding and the players who later were no less famous than the superheroes, a number of songs that were made into soundtracks also helped get a special place in the hearts of the audience.
      It could be, when you accidentally hear these songs, the crazy expressions of the players and cool cars will immediately race in your mind. Do not believe? Here are 5 of them:

      1. Limp Bizkit - Rollin

      The Rollin song by Limp Bizkit is one of the important elements in the film The Fast and the Furious. Although what is presented in this film is a remix version, but the booming bass and the execution of the lyrics are still able to compensate for the crazy actions of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his friends.

      2. Fat Joe - We Ridin

      No less with Limp Bizkit, Fat Joe also has an exciting formula to satisfy the audience hysteria about the arrival of the film 2 Fast & 2 Furious. In this song titled We Ridin, Fat Joe presents a fun beat and the lyrics are quite wild.

      3. Pitbull Ft. Pharell - Blanco

      In the fourth series, there is a single Blanco sung with fun by Pitbull. Almost the same as other Pitbull songs, Blanco is also filled with unique beats and sexy women.

      4. Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift

      Although it later became the background of the seventh film, Tokyo Drift is arguably the weakest series of The Fast and the Furious. However, despite this fact, the film's soundtrack has become phenomenal thanks to Teriyaki Boyz's song.

      5. Wiz Khalifa - See You Again

      It is undeniable, the seventh film Fast Furious is the film that most shook the emotional side of his fans.

      Understandably, in the middle of making this film, one of the main players, Paul Walker was killed in an accident. As a result, when it aired in public, this film was transformed into a sweet farewell. Especially when Wiz Khalifa's See You Again song echoes and displays the sweetest smile of the star.