telling him i like him

    • telling him i like him

      me and this boy have been friends for almost a year now and we stopped talking in march because i was in a relationship with one of his co workers recently me and him started talking again and i met him for the first time a week ago and it was kind of a crush at first sight kind of thing i really like him but i dont know how to tell him without ruining our friendship what do i do?
    • Unfortunately for you, the moment that either of you tries to initiate dating or any type of friendship that is more then just friends you run the risk of it turning sour later down the track and loosing the friendship.
      What you need to weigh up is if you feelings are strong enough to risk your current friendship status for something more which could be the rest of your lives together, or a train wreck of a first date that ruins everything.
      If you do want to risk it, you have a few options. Just say you like him and want to be more then friends. Ask him on an obvious date. Or lastly just make a move and kiss him. I hope it goes well whatever you decide to do