Titled: Mother Nature

    • Titled: Mother Nature

      ~Written by Little Lilith

      Titled: Mother Nature

      Jettison into this vast sea of wonder and wilderness
      How will I get back?
      I think we were once here
      I think so I am
      To find
      Your milk is our wine'
      Our silk is your lifeline

      Lying down
      Under tall grass
      Moments of inner clarity
      Like a child's first trip
      Coming to pass

      Dear Mother
      Won't you come out and play?

      Blood boots. Killer storm
      Fool's gold. The devils horn
      Where is she?
      Have you seen her?
      Has anyone seen mother?

      She takes a tale from an ancient fable
      Of Queens, Goddesses, madams and lovers
      Careless pleasures On an empty fire

      My hair so twined & writhing
      My skin my face pinch and swollen
      My flaming serpent tongue
      Spraying verbal flames of terror
      I'm real
      I am what I am

      You want to kill me
      You want to fuck me
      fuck me

      Will I die before I'm ever born?
      Encased within this tomb
      The birds peck out my eyes
      Buried beneath such perpetual doom
      Let the worms devour who I once was...

      Mother I was once you