How important is shaving really?

    • It's definitely a convention. Here in the UK it is normal for girls to shave their armpits but when I have been to continental Europe it is much less common there. As for pubes, as most people don't get to see them, that's even more down to personal choice. The only thing about pubes is that if they are too unruly they would get in the way of oral.
    • As said above, it's entirely a societal thing.

      Some guys may care, but that doesn't matter. If anyone is that worked up about the appearance of your pubes, they're really not worth it at all. You should do what you like. If you genuinely don't like pubes, then sure - go ahead. But you shouldn't feel forced in any way.

      Personally (whilst this is entirely from a virgin's perspective), I'd never expect a girl to shave and certainly hope I'd never give the strange looks @FKKGirl describes having seen. I certainly wouldn't feel at all comfortable shaving my own pubic hair (I can't begin to imagine how painful any accidental nick would be and how irritating and prickly it would be when growing back the next day) so I wouldn't ever expect anyone else to do so.

      Trimming it down with some scissors or something may be a good idea, though. Shaving is rather drastic: once you start, you can't really stop. (I have to shave facial hair for school and if you stop over the holidays it tends to get itchy and irritating if you let it grow. I'm told that stops if you leave it for long enough and the hair begins to grow to a reasonable length, but I can't tend to bear the itchiness). Also, how ever slowly and carefully you do it, you will generally nick yourself a little and it's really easy to get ingrown hairs when it grows back.

      Nevertheless, if you're like me, your pubes can get pretty wild. I find leaving them natural an unrealistic solution as they get messy and obstructive when masturbating so trimming (just a little) with some scissors seems the best option for me. I wouldn't dare shave given my experiences with shaving my face and my feeling that it must be even more sensitive down there. Trimming does the job.

      Also, I don't personally understand the aesthetic idea of being completely hairless. I'd worry it would make me look prepubescent and that's certainly NOT the age group I would ever want to be "banging".

      But as I said, do what you wish. Anyone worth 'banging' isn't going to be worried about the aesthetics of your pubes.