I'm so confussed =[

    • I'm so confussed =[

      O.k. so theres this guy that i went out with but them broke up with. I told him it was because he was to much like a brother and it was awkward. Thats what I told everyone including myself, but I knew that wasn't the real reason, the real reason was that I was afraid of getting hurt again. My best friend who is also friends with him(sorta) tells me he loves me but I don't believe her. I've had to deal with him dating other people and seeing him with them. It hurt so much seeing him with the other girl =(. I also care about him a lot. I couldn't even sleep for about a week because I was afraid he was going to die(he had to go to the hospital and was there for about a week or so). Every time he gets a new girlfriend I cry so much =(. I'm tired of this but I don't want to tell him how I feel since were such good friends and I don't know if he likes me or not.
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